The Kokoon Arts Gallery continues the tradition started in 1911 by William Sommer and other Cleveland Graphic Arts Tradesmen then known as The Kokoon Arts Clubs to promote a more modernist approach to producing art. We will always revere and honor historic traditional media, but the evolution of artistic creativity is never ending and new possibilities are generated using electronic and digital media.

Kokoon Arts
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Kokoon Arts Gallery
Located within 78th Street Studios
Since the beginning of manís existence, he has literally drawn inspiration from the natural world and the wildlife around him, as evidenced by cave paintings, pottery designs, and other artifacts. As human history has evolved, artists continued to depict the new world discoveries made alongside the earliest explorers. Some artists broadened the scope by showing us what prehistoric animals may have looked like, based on observations of present day animal life and paleontological remains. And now 21st century artists work in representational and expressionist modes as much of our natural world disappears from sight.
William Earl Scheele: William Scheele was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio in 1920. In 1939 he began working in the Exhibition Department of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History while attending the Cleveland School of Art. He served in the Army Corps of Engineers during World War II from 1942 to 1946.
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Charles R. Knight Throughout his youth in New York City, Charles Knight was fascinated by wildlife and the natural world, spending hours copying illustrations from books. Although he was legally blind from astigmatism and an eye injury, he was able to continue his artistic pursuits with the aid of special glasses.
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Alexander Wilson
Mark Catesby
Robert Hainard