The Kokoon Arts Gallery continues the tradition started in 1911 by William Sommer and other Cleveland Graphic Arts Tradesmen then known as The Kokoon Arts Clubs to promote a more modernist approach to producing art. We will always revere and honor historic traditional media, but the evolution of artistic creativity is never ending and new possibilities are generated using electronic and digital media.

Kokoon Arts
1305 West 80th St,
Cleveland, OH 44102
Kokoon Arts Gallery
Located within 78th Street Studios
During the first half of the 20th century, there were a large number of talented artists living and working in the Cleveland area. The region was flourishing financially due to war-related industries and Great Lakes shipping. The old School of Design for Women evolved into the co-educational Cleveland School of Art, where many of these artists were educated and many returned as instructors. Read More ...
Frank Nelson Wilcox: Frank Wilcox was born and raised in Cleveland and graduated from the Cleveland School of Art in 1910. Immediately after graduation he left for Paris and studied at the Academie Callorossi. During this period he came under the powerful influence of French impressionism. In 1913 he joined the staff of the Cleveland School of Art, where he taught design, drawing, painting and printmaking.
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Paul Travis Paul Travis was born in Wellsville, Ohio in 1891 and grew up on the family farm. He graduated from the Cleveland School of Art in 1917 and went to France during World War I, teaching art to Army personnel in Le Mans. Upon returning to the United States, Travis began teaching drawing and painting at the Cleveland School of Art in 1920 and was revered as a lively, congenial and influential teacher until his retirement in 1957.
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William Sommer: William Sommer was born and schooled in Detroit, Michigan. He began work as a lithographer in Detroit, and then moved to Boston and New York, working for other commercial lithography companies. In 1907, Sommer moved to Cleveland to work for the Otis Lithography Company and made friends with two progressive artists, Abel Warshawsky and William Zorach.
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Henry Keller: Henry Keller began studying art at the Western Reserve School of Design in Cleveland from 1887 to 1892, and continued with studies in Germany through the early 1900ís. In 1902, Keller began a forty-year tenure as professor of art at the Cleveland School of Art and also developed a summer school in Berlin Heights from 1903 to the 1920ís.
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